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thecoolkidstable.net logoThe Web and Graphic Design of Luis Acevedo

Ah so you've decided to scroll through. Great,
let me just pause you for a second to tell you
about myself, since that's why you are here.

I work with the following...

I would say my biggest passion is the web,
but I love graphic design as well. I like designs
which are minimal and clean, and so that's
how I would describe my style. I stay
up to date on all things web design, so
of course, I follow web standards,
I validate, and I hand code.

This site is responsive.
( Go ahead and resize the page,
or visit on your mobile device. )

As far as my education goes, I have learned
quite a bit on my own- a must for web
designers, as the industry is constantly
changing. I have degrees in Graphic Design
and Video Production. My Resume is
available through the contact link.

the kid, older looks over his sholder at the table the kid enters a door to a clasroom a classroom 1st person perspective of the kid front of the room hallway top view of the kid and the table lunchroom office lobby office kid carrying a lunch table towards an open door the kid once again older sits on the table now brought outside
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my name is Luis Acevedo.

I am a web/graphic designer based out of Long Island, NY. This is my portfolio site, which I have decided to present within a brief story. I make websites based on the belief that they not only be user friendly and present the content clearly, but that they also be a unique experience for the user. Naturally, that became my direction with this site as well.

The site scrolls to the right. No, the main character is not me, but he's me-ish for sure. I hope you enjoy it, contact me and let me know!

Some of my Graphic Design work...
temporary unemportant blank image
ad for a planetarium promo for mdsh.worldcocoon.com magazine spread font study
website mockup advertisment poster beverage lable

Some of the sites I've worked on...
temporary unemportant blank image
placeholder placeholder placeholder placeholder